Classical Pa Kua Chang: Fighting Systems and Weapons Book by Jerry Alan Johnson

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Originally written in 1990 by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson and Sifu Joseph Crandall, the “Classical Pa Kua Chang Fighting Systems and Weapons” is the third English book ever written by a Pa Kua Master in the United States that unveils the esoteric art and theories of Pa Kua Chang (Baguazhang) fighting to the American public.


Part 1: History & Philosophy

1) Origin of Pa Kua Chang

2) Distinguishing Features of the Schools of Pa Kua Chang

3) Names of Pa Kua Chang

4) Mythology of Pa Kua & its Relationships to the I-Ching

5) Famous Pa Kua Chang Masters

Part 2: Methods & Theory

6) Pa Kua Training Methods

7) The Essentials of Pa Kua Chang

Part 3: Pa Kua Schools & Fighting Sets & Weapons

8) Introduction to the Fighting Sets

9) The Deceptive Weapons of the Pa Kua Chang

    About the Author

    Dr. Johnson is regarded as one of the few internationally recognized Non-Chinese Internal Martial Arts Grand Masters, Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Professors of Esoteric Daoist Mysticm in the world. He is also acknowledged in China and the West as America’s leading authority on Medical Qigong Therapy.

    188 pages

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