Advanced Shotokan Karate Kata & Bunkai DVD by Stephane Mari

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By Stephane Mari 4.Dan Karate, Vice World Team Champion, Vice European Champion, 3 Times French Champion

Teaching, Improving and Bunkai

Stéphane MARI shows his competition katas of the Shotokan style. His experience as an athlete, his knowledge in biomechanics, his sharing with Masters and his committed practice allowed him to define precisely kata techniques so that you obtain maximum efficiency as regards fighting. He shows here seven superior katas, detailed in slow motion, then normal speed, with several view angles.

Each motion is precise and commented with technical details, educational exercises, so that you learn with optimum teaching and improving. The explanation are linked to the applications as a bunkai in order to make the Kata performance more realistic.

Beyond the Kata Kumite, the Bunkai leads you futher, towards a hidden meaning within the practiced motion. Stephane shows here several ways to work on, for every techniques shown within the Katas.

With the participation of Luisa Arrabito 5th Dan in Karate.

- Jion
- Kanku Dai
- Kanku Sho
- Empi
- Sochin
- Unsu
- Gankaku

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running Time: 210 Minutes

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