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On this episode of This Week in BJJ I go over: Caulicure: The only way to bring your ears back to their natural beauty! Five Grappling's latest announcements regarding their Super League Event! A breakdown of the Roger Gracie vs Comprido Superfight at the 2015 American Nationals. Then we go to an interview with Justin Dee aka Juggs who has the honor of being the 2nd person to have been awarded a black belt by the Mendes Bros. He runs a school called "Full Metal Jiu-jitsu" out of the Gold Coast of Australia: After the interview, Juggs shows a couple...


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On today's episode of TWIBJJ, I talk about: - Q5 contest winner! -Caulicure - the new cauliflower ear solution! Then there's an interview with Giva "the Arm Collector" Santana where he talks about: -Lotus Club BJJ -Why swearing when you get submitted or swept in class is the worst thing you can do. -Why he prefers armbars over chokes (particularly in MMA) Here's the video: In part 2, Giva goes over a really nice half guard sequence.  This unique half guard position has been referred to as "De la Giva" Guard:  And in case that left you craving for more,...