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Yoshinkan Aikido DVD

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Founded by master Gozo Shioda, Aikido Yosinkan is renowned for its high practicality and technical depth. This collection meticulously explores the history, basic postures, movements, and advanced techniques of Aikido, including Gozo Shioda's extraordinary techniques.


  1. History of Aikido Yosinkan & Gozo Shioda Interview

    • History: Detailed account of Aikido Yosinkan's establishment and development.
    • Interview: Insights into Aikido's philosophy and technical aspects by Gozo Shioda.
  2. Basic Postures

    • Kamae (Posture): Importance and meaning of basic Aikido stances.
    • Seiza-ho (Seated Techniques): Correct sitting posture and its purpose.
    • Shikko-ho (Knee Walking): Training in knee walking and its significance.
  3. Basic Movements

    • Hiriki no Yosei (Development of Arm Power): Exercises to develop arm strength.
    • Tai no Henko (Body Blending): Fundamental exercises for changing body movements.
    • Syumatsu-dosa (Ending Movements): Techniques for concluding movements effectively.
    • Kokyuho (Breathing Exercises): Importance and effects of breathing techniques in Aikido.
  4. Basic Techniques

    • Shiho-nage (Four-direction Throw): Basic technique of throwing in four directions.
    • Ikka-jo (First Control): Basic technique for controlling the opponent's flow.
    • Nika-jo (Second Control): Technique for controlling two flows.
    • Sanka-jo (Third Control): Technique for controlling three flows.
    • Yonka-jo (Fourth Control): Technique for controlling four flows.
    • Sokumen-irimi-nage (Side Entering Throw): Basic technique for entering from the side and throwing.
    • Shomen-irimi-nage (Front Entering Throw): Basic technique for entering from the front and throwing.
    • Kote-gaeshi (Wrist Twist Throw): Basic technique for twisting the wrist.
    • Tenchi-nage (Heaven and Earth Throw): Technique for throwing from between heaven and earth.
    • Hiji-shime (Elbow Lock): Technique for locking the opponent's elbow.
    • Kokyu-nage (Breath Throw): Throwing technique utilizing breath control.
  5. Free Techniques

    • Jiyu-waza (Free Practice): Training in applying techniques freely.
  6. Gozo Shioda's Super Techniques

    • Gozo Shioda's Super Techniques: Explanation and demonstration of Gozo Shioda's exceptional techniques.


  • Gozo Shioda
  • Tsunetomo Chida
  • Hitoshi Nakano
  • Tsuneo Ando

Language: Japanese

Length: 60 min.


Yoshinkan Aikido DVD - Budovideos Inc

Yoshinkan Aikido DVD

Prix habituel $39.95 USD
Prix habituel $59.00 USD Prix soldé $39.95 USD