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Wing Tsun Self Defense DVD with Mohammed Ince

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Wing Tsun is a compilation of techniques whose application were meant to ensure survival. Eat or be eaten! We prepare for the streets as the streets are tough nowadays and knows no scruple nor pity. The idea here is simply: Defeat your opponent as quick as possible, regardless of his height or weight. There is no referee on the street who will separate or disqualify when the rules are disregarded. Wing Tsun is an elaborate system which provides an answer to each sort of attack. But it certainly requires a lot of hard work to learn and master. My goal is to teach Wing Tsun in its purest form and I want it to function as the martial art it is in its very core. It must combine both efficiency and intransigency so you can bring an emergency situation to an end quickly. Today's perceptions of Wing Tsun are being split due to different styles and ideas being taught by numerous masters. I follow the Yin and Yang principle of duality. If my enemy is rough, I try to be smooth and vice versa. Adapting to the given conditions is key. As grandmaster Yip Man once said: "Do not fight with the strength, absorb it, and it flows, use it!" In this DVD, Sifu Mohammed Ince presents more than 40 variations of attacks during street fights and which replies Wing Tsun offers to these. 

- Languages included: English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Français