Wing Chun Training Drills by Tony Massengill (On Demand)

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Two of the things which sets Wing Chun apart from many other systems is the principles upon which it is built and the way it is trained. In this video, 3rd Generation Ip Man Family Wing Chun Lineage Master Instructor Tony Massengill presents the keys to effective training for developing Conditioned Reflex in fighting techniques. These are drills and principles will not only improve the Wing Chun practitioner, but enhance the skill level of any martial artist no matter what system they practice. 
Drills include methods of improving:
• Contact Reflex
• Physical and Structural Speed
• Close Range Effectiveness
• Economy in Attack and Defense
• Power from Proper Structure, not Muscular Strength 
• And Much, Much More!


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Customer Reviews

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Stephen Browne
Great insights into training.

Sifu Tony Massengill covers drills you already know from Wing Chun training, so why should you buy this?
Because maybe you thought you knew them - but there is so much more to learn about them and he explains them really well!