Win by Ippon Judo DVD 3 with Toshihiko Koga - Budovideos Inc

Win by Ippon Judo DVD 3 with Toshihiko Koga

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Transform Your Judo with Mastery! Toshihiko Koga Teaches the Latest Techniques for Achieving Ippon

Toshihiko Koga, a legendary figure in the Japanese judo world, renowned for his expertise in securing ippon. This judo textbook on DVD spans three discs and offers comprehensive demonstrations and explanations by Koga himself. It covers practical gripping techniques, detailed points of various techniques, and specific training methods essential for mastering ippon. From beginners to instructors, this resource is invaluable, showcasing the proven effectiveness of training at Koga Juku. Practice diligently to master these techniques and pave your way towards achieving ippon!

Content Overview:

Grappling Techniques

  • Mastering Kenka Yotsu Gripping
  • Attacks from Kenka Yotsu Foot Sweep
    • Ouchi Gari from foot sweep
    • Ko Uchi Gari from foot sweep
    • Uchi Mata from foot sweep
    • Harai Goshi from foot sweep
    • O Soto Gari from foot sweep
    • Seoi Nage from foot sweep

Kenka Yotsu Continuous Techniques

  • Seoi Nage from Ko Uchi Gari
  • Ashi Waza from Ko Uchi Gari
  • Uchi Mata from Ko Uchi Gari
  • Uchi Mata from O Uchi Gari
  • Ken Ken Uchi Mata from O Uchi Gari

Ai Yotsu Continuous Techniques

  • Kosode Gake from Koshiguruma
  • O Soto Gari from Ippon Seoi Nage
  • Ko Uchi Gari from O Uchi Gari

Ai Yotsu Counter Techniques

  • Practice exercises for countering O Soto Gari

Kenka Yotsu Counter Techniques

  • Sukiashi for Uchi Mata
  • Counter Seoi Nage with Uchi Mata
  • Wrap the leg for Uchi Mata counter throw

Koga Juku Judo Class

  • Circuit Training
  • Circuit Nagekomi


Toshihiko Koga

  • Born on November 21, 1967, in Saga Prefecture
  • Began practicing judo in first grade and showed exceptional talent from an early age
  • Moved to Tokyo during junior high school and joined Kodokan, progressing through Gendai Junior High School, Setagaya Gakuin High School, and Nihon University, sweeping numerous titles
  • Made his Olympic debut at the Seoul Olympics in 1988
  • Achieved the feat of becoming the runner-up in the open-weight category at the All-Japan Judo Championships in 1990, defeating many heavyweight contenders before losing to Naoya Ogawa
  • Won a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 in the 71kg category despite a last-minute injury
  • Won a silver medal at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 in the 78kg category
  • Became a three-time world champion, winning bronze in Essen in 1987, gold in Belgrade in 1989, gold in Barcelona in 1991 (all in the 71kg category), and gold in Chiba in 1995 (78kg)
  • Retired in 2000 and became a strength coach for the All-Japan Women's Judo Team, contributing to Ayumi Tanimoto's gold medal win at the Athens Olympics in 2004
  • Established Koga Juku in 2003, a town dojo aimed at nurturing young boys and girls
  • Earned a doctorate in medicine in 2012, focusing on providing better support tailored to each athlete's personality, continuing to contribute significantly to the development of judo

Language: Japanese

Run time: 77 min.


Win by Ippon Judo DVD 3 with Toshihiko Koga - Budovideos Inc

Win by Ippon Judo DVD 3 with Toshihiko Koga

Prix habituel $39.95 USD
Prix habituel $59.00 USD Prix soldé $39.95 USD