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Vital Concepts: Kyusho-Jitsu by Evan Pantazi (E-book)

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Title: E-Book

This book is the result of an entire year’s work. We could say that it is a kind of “Complete second-level course” in which he once again analyzes many of the very varied aspects of this subject that were studied in the first book as well as some new ones that were left only hinted at, like electromagnetism and Ki, which will undoubtedly broaden the knowledge of students and followers. The book includes some of the most interesting texts that Master Pantazzi has written, like the chapter dedicated to the application of Grappling from Kyusho Jitsu, or the one that focuses on healing through the use of vital points. At the same time, it includes an extensive group of technical series never
before published in which students will find many suggestions from Professor Pantazi for the practical application of the themes analyzed. Despite its title—“Advanced Level”—this book can readily be read independently of whether one has or has not read his first book. The themes analyzed in each chapter are perfectly complete, but no doubt both books together will give a much wider and complete idea to the student of all the ins and outs that make up the many aspects that surround this subject, which should be a fixed and solid subject in the study of all Martial Arts.

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Language: English

111 pages