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The Way of Kubotan - Effective Self-Defense for Everyone DVD

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By Peer Kaufmann & Bernd Hohle

The Kubotan is a 5-6 inches long and pen shaped item that is used for self defense training in various martial arts such as Kobudo, Modern Arnis, ATK, Krav Maga and Ju- Jutsu.

On this film we present techniques that were especially developed for self defense purposes by Peer Kaufmann. All techniques are simple and easy to learn for everybody.

These techniques are as well perfectly suitable for security staff and the police - the self defense weapon Kubotan should not be missing in any Dojo. 

Languages: English, German, French
Running Time: 63 Minutes

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Arthur Liu
Kubaton training

Well, it was certainly different, not the same as the original by moves by Tak Kubota. i could see that the trainer was familiar with the Filipino martial arts. I consider the video something of an intermediate skill level that presupposes a certain background knowledge which was never really explained. Not that bad for useable moves, just not exactly entry level. Didn't take time to move a student up the levels of skill. Thanks. that's my humble opinion.