The Sao Paulo Passing System 4 DVD Set Leonardo Nogueira - Budovideos Inc
The Sao Paulo Passing System 4 DVD Set Leonardo Nogueira - Budovideos Inc

The Sao Paulo Passing System 4 DVD Set Leonardo Nogueira

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Learn the pressure secrets behind World Champion Leo Nogueira’s passing system. Leo has one of the best Sao Paulo passes of all time, and he shows how to take this simple pass and supercharge it so that it works against anyone. Get the details behind the crushing top game that he has been able to use against all the guards at the black belt level.  Across 4-volumes, anyone can use the hidden details behind being a guard passing machine like Leo Nogueira.


The Sao Paulo pass is an old school pressure pass, pinning and crushing your way with leverage through the guard to great positions. Even against bigger, stronger people, this system works because it’s about technique and positioning and NOT brute strength. With variations for every situation and counters for some of the trickiest guards you will see on the mat, this is a full system around breaking down, pinning, and passing someone’s guard every time.

Leo Nogueira is a two-time world champion and one of the best Alliance black belts ever. As a black belt he has done it all, winning Worlds, Pan Ams, Euros, even Brasilieros in the absolute division!

Through his whole career, he has relied on steady pressure and guard passing to win at the highest levels. Leo has wins over Buchecha, Xande Ribeiro, Keenan Cornelius, Luiz Panza, and more in his long career and now YOU can learn the passes that he was using. Across 4 volumes, with pressure passes, knee slides, and folding smash passes, you can have a dominant pass in every situation.

In addition to Leo’s signature Sao Paulo pass, watch as Leo breaks down his best smash passes and folding passes. He has variations that he hits from a ton of different positions, and finishes that work against anyone.

Learn some of the best folding passes on the market with this step-by-step instruction on all the positions you can hit it from, and how to use it to finish against any counters (even turning it into mounts and back takes).