The Pillars Escapes 6 DVD Set by Stephen Whittier - Budovideos Inc
The Pillars Escapes 6 DVD Set by Stephen Whittier - Budovideos Inc

The Pillars Escapes 6 DVD Set by Stephen Whittier

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If You're Serious About Developing Highly
Efficient & Effective
Escapes From Every Position Without
Relying On Strength or Flexibility, This Is For You!

Over the past years I have been completely obsessed with what I'm sharing with you today...

I've continued to refine and narrow my focus in coaching to what I call "The Pillars" of Jiu-Jitsu: a focus on the most important concepts and physical principles, in order of priority, for you to learn in order to:

• Develop your skills as quickly as  possible
• Train without relying on physical attributes and athleticism
• Have a clear methodology for learning and drilling that's right for you.

After changing the game for a whole lot of people with The Pillars: Building Your Ultimate Guard Game and The Pillars: Guard Passing courses, now I've taken that same focus to escapes!

"The Pillars: Escapes Course" makes it easy for you to:

Relax when you're working on your guard, knowing that if you do get passed you will be able to stay just as relaxed as you defend and escape…

No longer feel gassed out all the time or having instructors tell you you're using too much energy when trying to escape…

Take far less abuse on your joints and spend less time recovering from training or sitting out due to injury…

Find solutions to situations you struggled with for weeks or even months, allowing you to have more fun and satisfaction in your daily training…

Here's what makes  this so cool...

By really understanding just a few core concepts (and details that make all the difference) you can quickly and easily apply these principles to any defensive situation!

That means you'll never have to worry about looking at your escapes from the standpoint of the moves you learn in class or on the internet again (that method of learning is WAY too slow)...

Which also means you won’t be stuck feeling like you're taking the “stuck in traffic route” rather than the most direct route.

Customer Reviews

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Vic Levine
Whittier's Pillars are a complete game changer

While Coach Whittier provides world class instruction in this incredible BJJ resource, the real value lies in how he has taken a subject that can be overwhelming and take years if not decades to fully understand and presents it in a way that allows you to grasp the very core of why something works. Instantly. This kind of knowledge is worth ten times what he is charging. Thank you, Coach Whittier!