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Tennen Rishin Ryu Gekiken DVD by Kyoji Kato

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Ki-ken-tai itchi "Gekken" Edition: Learn the Shinsengumi's Swordsmanship

Instructor and Supervisor: Kyoji Kato
Running Time: 65 minutes

Delve into the rigorous "Gekken training" of the Kondo Isami lineage from the "Hakuunkan" dojo tradition, aimed at real-life combat scenarios. This training method was central to the Tenshinrishin-ryu martial arts studied by historical figures like Kondo Isami and Hijikata Toshizo during the Edo period.


1. What is Tennen Rishin-ryu?

  • Introduction to the martial arts system studied by the Shinsengumi leaders.

2. Gekken Basics

  • Fundamentals and core principles of Gekken training.

3. Gekken: Application of Forms

  • Detailed explanation and practice of various techniques:
    • Sekikaken
    • Gankoken
    • Ouken
    • Hienken
    • Unmuken
    • Gogyoken
    • Muichiken
    • Tenchijin

4. Gekken: Applications in Offense and Defense

  • Practical demonstrations and explanations of techniques:
    • Throwing techniques using the handle
    • Yokotsuki, Shishi-gaeshi, Sode-zu applications
    • Tori-kaeshi, Gyaku-ha-gaeshi applications
    • Sho-sai techniques
    • Gorin-gaeshi, Quiver-gaeshi applications
    • Men-nuri, Ashi-gara, Saki-bushi applications
    • Tsukumo using the torso
    • Variations from Tsuba-tsumari

5. Training Practice

  • Methods and drills to effectively practice and master Gekken techniques.

Instruction and Supervision: Kyoji Kato is the representative instructor and 10th successor of the Tennen Rishin-ryu Martial Arts Preservation Society. He trained under the 9th Tennen Rishin-ryu instructor, Hirai Taisuke, and has showcased his skills at prestigious events like the Nippon Kobudo Tournament and the Kashima Shrine Dedication Demonstration Tournament. With a mission to preserve the techniques of the Kondo Dojo "Hakuunkan" and revive Gekiken, Kato is actively involved both domestically and internationally.

Language: Japanese

Length: 65 min.


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