Techniques of Karate Vol 1: Karate Brought Overseas DVD

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·SELF DEFENSE(Performer:M.Nakayama)
·Various Techniques of Hands and Legs (Performer:M.Nakayama) Fisting, Sei-Ken, Ura-Ken, Kentsuti, Nakadaka-Ippon-Ken, Ippon-Ken, Shuto, Hai-to, Hai-shu Shihon-Nukite, Nihon-Nukite, Teisho, Kakuto, Keito, Seiryuto, Kumade, Elbow, Knees, Koshi Hai-soku, Soku-to, Hell, Choku-zuki, Age-zuki, Mawashi-zuki, Kagi-zuki, Ura-zuki, Morote-zuki Nukite, Uraken-uchi, Kentsuti-uchi, Shuto-uchi, Enpi-uchi, Mae-geri, Mae-kekomi, Mawashi-geri Yoko-keage, Yoko-kekomi, Ushiro-geri, Training, Club, Iron clogs, Makiwara, Board-wari
·Tuki-Waza (Performer:T.Mikami)
·Uchi-Waza (Performer:K.Enoeda)
·Keri-Waza (Performer:M.Ueki)
·Uke-Waza (Performer:K.Ito,T.Miyazaki) Age-uke, Ude-uke, Shuto-uke, Gedan-barai, Teisho-uke, Seiryuto-uke, Nagashi-uke, Juuji-uke, Sukui-uke
·Heian 1st dan (Performer:K.Nakaya)
·Heian 2nd dan (Performer:T.Asai)
·Heian 3rd dan (Performer:M.Sugiura)
·Heian 4th dan (Performer:H.Shoji)
·Heian 5th dan (Performer:T.Iwaizumi)
**No sound, Monochrome film

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 45 min.