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Takedown Blueprint 3 DVD Set with Matt Arroyo

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Hi name is Matt Arroyo. I am a TUF 6 Veteran and ADCC 2015 Veteran. I have been training since 2003 and got my black belt from Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie’s first ever black belt) in 2009. I have trained with almost every grappling champion you can think of from Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao, Robert Drysdale, Matt Serra, Cyborg, Rodolfo Vieira, Keenan Cornelius, Royce Gracie, and so many others! If there is one thing I learned by training with all these animals ....They all used their BJJ to enhance their wrestling skills!*****If You Don't Have A Good Takedown Game You Will Be Doomed To Be A Guard Puller Or Start A Match 2 Points Behind! This has to be one of the number 1 things that grapplers neglect and that's their takedowns! Why is this? Well 95% of schools have you start on your knees when it comes time to roll! So there is never a chance to work on your takedowns, takedown defense, or mixing your BJJ in with the takedowns! So you get your blue belt, or even worse, your purple belt and you decide you want to compete. You sign up for one, train hard, and then when the first match begins...you get taken down like you were a child! Sound familiar? Then you decide you are going to take your BJJ school's wrestling class and work on your skills! But you realize that some of the moves that are shown actually put you in vulnerable spots in BJJ! The reason is because most times the person teaching is a great wrestler with a decorated resume...but he is still a beginner in BJJ... So he hasn't put it all together yet! It's very common for someone to go from white belt all the way to black belt and have almost no takedowns!

I Knew I Had To Develop A System Of Takedowns And Takedown Defense That Gives The BJJ Guy The Advantage Over The Decorated Wrestlers! A blueprint...for someone to follow so that allows them to pull from the tools that they already have in BJJ and use these skills to take down better wrestlers than themselves! ...And Use these skills to stop the take downs from better wrestlers than themselves! To be able to level the playing field in tournaments against wrestlers just coming in to try to win by a 2 point takedown! A system that would work whether the grappler using it was big or small...short or tall...Strong or weak...flexible or un-flexible...or coming from a wrestling background or not! I am Very Proud to Introduce You to My "BJJ Takedown Blueprint".

I put together the BJJ Takedown Blueprint after getting taken down over and over and over in competition...It was so frustrating!! I would be way better at BJJ than my opponent, but then lose by a 2 point takedown! I knew something needed to change if I was going to win big in tournaments...Then I discovered how to use my BJJ to take down everyone! My submissions, my arm drags, kimuras, guillotines, etc... I discovered how to systematically use all of these not only to take people down, but to also stop almost anyones takedown! WHAT THIS COURSE IS NOT: This is not a "Wrestling Course." I would not recommend this to wrestlers who want to get better at wrestling.. WHAT THIS COURSE IS: This is a course for BJJ athletes who want to get GREAT at taking these "Wrestlers" down by using BJJ in a "certain way" that will level the playing field!