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Systema Spetsnaz DVD #15: Seminar Day #1 - DEFENSE & ATTACK (2 DVD set)

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Defense and Attack - 2-DVD set, the highlights of Russian Spetsnaz Seminar - Day One of Reality-based Self-Defense training

- Learn 50+ easy to follow hand to hand combat techniques including strikes and punches, knife combat, gun self-defense, grabs and chokes, wrist locks, takedowns, pressure points, fighting with multiple opponents and more

- This 2-DVD set also includes developing physical strength and endurance exercises, restoring breathing methods, working with internal energy and psychological combat techniques.

- Watch 2.5 hours of Russian Systema training presented by Vadim Starov, the chief-Instructor of Russian Martial Arts center, the combat of Russian Special Forces, GRU units

- Effective, Practical and Easy to learn street Self-Defense DVDs - Russian Hand-to-Hand combat training

Watch this Systema Spetsnaz DVD to practice:

1. Primary movements in hand to hand combat
2. Striking techniques (including energy strikes)
3. Knife combat fighting (slash and stab), knife disarming techniques
4. Self defense techniques using a stick and a sword
5. Gun Self-defense
6. Mastering combat skills by synchronizing the left and right hemispheres.
7. Advance combination of defensive and attacking techniques
8. Self-defense against grabs
9. Finger locks and wrist locks
10. Takedown techniques using three planes concept
11. Linear, circular and spiral rotation in combat
12. Pressure points and primary striking zones
13. Coordinating leg and arm movements
14. Creating a psychological combat trap by copying and mirroring the opponent (unique Systema Spetsnaz training techniques)
15. Aligning with the plane and leaving the line of attack
16. Developing physical power and endurance
17. Self defense against multiple opponents
18. Restoring breathing and Energy channels activation

Running Time: 2 hours 31 minutes

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