Shintaiiku-do Karate DVD 1 by Makoto Hirohara - Budovideos Inc
Shintaiiku-do Karate DVD 1 by Makoto Hirohara - Budovideos Inc

Shintaiikudo Karate DVD 1 by Makoto Hirohara

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Makoto Hirohara (formerly known as Makoto Yoshida), a prodigy who achieved back-to-back victories at the All-American Sabaki Challenge, and was hailed as a central figure in the Ashihara Karate Association. Through his pursuit of practical combat and new techniques, he pioneered "Shintai Kyudo" (Mind and Body Way).


  • Twelve Techniques

    • Basic steps that generate endless maneuverability.
  • Basics

    • Fundamental techniques derived from the twelve techniques.
  • Maneuver Forms

    • Introducing five forms that incorporate illegal techniques not usable in matches.
    • Recording the first form of maneuver by former Ashihara headquarters instructor Kenji Sato.
  • Training Methods

    • The exclusive practice system of Shintai Kyudo. Training methods directly applicable to real combat.
  • Mukyoku

    • Endless movements by Makoto Hirohara, blending strength with flexibility and softness.

Instructor and Supervision: Makoto Hirohara
Born in Hiroshima in 1958. He joined the Ashihara Dojo in 1977 and instructed at the Ashihara Karate Association Tokyo headquarters for three years. In 1987, he moved to the United States, winning the heavyweight division at the precursor to the All-American Karate Challenge in Colorado, known as the All-American Sabaki Challenge. Subsequently, he established the Ashihara Karate Association Los Angeles branch. Feeling the limitations of maneuvering within the framework of competitions, he stopped active competition and developed Shintai Kyudo. Returning to Japan in 1995, he left the Ashihara Karate Association and has since dedicated himself to teaching Shintai Kyudo. 

Language: Japanese

Run time: 36 min.