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Shaolin Luohan Shi Ba Shou Form Taolu DVD with Shi Yan Ti

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Master Shaolin Shi Yanti is a monk of the 34th generation of the Songshan Shaolin Temple and a direct disciple of Venerable Abbot Shi Yong Xin. In this his first work for Budo International, he presents the Luohan Shibashou, one of the older and most representative basic forms of empty hand of the Shaolin Temple. According to the book "Shaolin Quan Pu", in the Sui Dynasty, the Shaolin's warrior monks developed a series of simple movements, chosen according to the "18 Luohan statues", hence the name Luohan Shou Shi Ba (18 hands of Luohan).

The style of this Taolu is particular and in its continuous movements can be clearly seen combinations of real and unreal movements, defense and counterattack, and a variety of hidden movements. The main hand techniques in this Taolu are those of the palms, and learning requires great agility and coordination, as well as mastering the positions Xubu, Dingbu, Gongbu and Mabu and their features.

Running Length: 38 min.
- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français