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Secrets of Shorinji Kempo Juho Book & DVD
Secrets of Shorinji Kempo Juho Book & DVD
Secrets of Shorinji Kempo Juho Book & DVD

Secrets of Shorinji Kempo Juho Book & DVD

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While the previous work, "Understand clearly on DVD! Shorinji Kempo Juho Tips,"
dealt with techniques up to acquiring a first dan, this work is more advanced and aimed at advanced practitioners.

How should you change your technique when your opponent defends against your attack?
Explained with photos and video. The book is 40 pages longer and the DVD footage is 13 minutes longer than "Shorinji Kempo Juho Tips."

Chapter 1: Things to know before talking about techniques
Chapter 2: About the techniques of Juho

[Part 1: Changes in connection]
Gyakute-nage, Ryu-nage, Soto-maki-tenbin, Gassho-gyaku-kote,
Osuri-hizu-ko-goe, Osuri-maki-tenbin, Tsugi-otoshi, Kirikaeshi-kote,
Kirikaeshi-nage, Kirikaeshi-maki-tenbin, Kan-tori, Kan-kata-te-nage, Kan-soto-tenbin

[Part 2: Dealing with set-up techniques]
Furisare-omote-nage, Morote-suri-ko-te-nage, Osuri-tsu-daoshi,
Koshi-za, Morote-kiri-kaeshi-nage, Makikomi-ko-te,
Kubi-jime-nage, Kubi-jime-nage (omote), Ushiro-kubi-tori (omote/ura), Ushiro-kubi-nage

[Part 3: Tips on techniques]
Kata-te-nage-kiri-kaeshi, Osuri-kan-ko-te,
Yahazunage-nage, Soto-gyaku-te-tori, Uchi-gyaku-te-tori, Tora-daoshi

Arai Tsunehiro
Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1946.
Upon entering Nihon University, he joined the Shorinji Kempo club and began his training as a kenshi. After graduating from Nihon University in 1968, he entered Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji Temple. In 1976, he became the head coach of the Nihon University Shorinji Kempo club. In December of the same year, he was appointed head of Watarase Doin. In 1981, he started working at Zenrin Gakuen Japan Shorinji Martial Arts College. In 1995, he became the secretary general of the Shorinji Kempo Federation (now a general foundation). In April 1990, he became a director of the World Shorinji Kempo Federation (WSKO) (chairman from April 2000 to March 2014). In November 2000, he became the president of the Shorinji Kempo Federation (now a general foundation). On March 31, 2016, he retired as president of the Shorinji Kempo Federation. Honorary committee member of the headquarters and advisor to the general incorporated association SHORINJI KENPO UNITY.

Language: Japanese

Length: 208 page book with 64 min DVD