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Pachi Tang Lang Chuan DVD with Su Yu Chang

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Doctor Su Yu Chan is without doubt one of the major experts of traditional Kung Fu in the world. For many years, he has taught in countries like Venezuela, the U.S.A., Spain or Japan. He is the director of a well known association. He has prepared an excellent introduction about one of the most popular styles, and at the same the least known of the Pachi Tanglang. The work in this DVD includes the form of Hsiao Huyen Chun principle within the Mantis style. It adds agility and force to the seriousness and commitment to the movement of the practitioner. Hsiao means small or basic. Hu means tiger, Yuen means swallow. Hu and Yuen combined could be translated as winged tiger. The movements have to be agile as a swallow and the energetic force of a tiger.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français