No Gi Leglocks 4 DVD Set with Oliver Taza - Budovideos Inc
No Gi Leglocks 4 DVD Set with Oliver Taza - Budovideos Inc

No Gi Leglocks 4 DVD Set with Oliver Taza

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Learn the Leglock Techniques and Tactics Used at the Highest Level with Oliver Taza, the Elite Competitor Who Trains with Two of the Best No Gi Teams in the World!! 

Finally, a gameplan for the exact leglocks being used in ADCC, EBI, Polaris, and other top competitions that you can use to tap your opponents out again and again – guaranteed!

The techniques, tactics and strategies in modern no gi grappling are changing fast!

Every year new methods of applying and finishing submissions are developed, tested and adopted. And the lower body submission game is evolving particularly quickly, with new entries, transitions, counters and strategies being added all the time.

Unless you train with a team that’s on the cutting edge of competition it’s easy to be left behind…

The answer is to regularly upgrade your game with injections of knowledge from the front lines of the sport.

Oliver Taza is a no gi grappling phenomenon. He trains at Tristar in Montreal with Firas Zahabi and with the Danaher Death Squad at Renzo Gracie’s in New York City.

With his impeccable technique and aggressive grappling style he has amassed an impressive array of wins at Polaris, Metamoris, the ADCC Trials, the No Gi Worlds, and many more competitions.

You just need a leglock system!

A leglocking system has to cover all aspects of leglocks, including how to get into them, control the positions, finish the submissions, transition into other attacks, counter other people’s attacks, and have training methods to make all those things faster, smoother and more instinctive.

In No Gi Leglocks Oliver Taza shares the innermost details of his leglocking system honed sparring the monsters of the Danaher Death Squad and competing against the best grapplers in the world.

I worked with him one-on-one to create this instructional to give you all the secrets you’ll need to surprise and dominate your opponents for a very long time!

The bottom line is that No Gi Leglocks will keep you current in a rapidly changing competition landscape and tap out your opponents more often!

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