Ninpo Ninpo Den Vol 1 DVD with Masaaki Hatsumi

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It has been several decades since he inherited the nine old martial arts schools and taught truly practical martial arts. The martial arts are taught everywhere in the world, and the dojo and Bujinkan are spread all over the world. The secret of martial arts spoken by Masaaki Hatsumi, who is over 80 years old and still works hard to teach many disciples.


Words on Budo
Kihon Happo, Sanshin no Kata
Ichimonji no Kamae, Isshi Soden
Teacher and Student
Budo and Sound
Ninpo, Bujinkan
Memorial Lecture at the Astock saslon in 1996 “My teacher Takamatsu Toshitsugu”
Bujinkan Honbu Dojo

About the instructor:

He studied under Toshitsugu Takamatsu, the last ninja who was called the "Tiger of Mongolia," and inherited the sect of the nine Kobudo schools. Togakure-ryu Ninja, Takagi Yoshin-ryu Jutaijutsu, Tiger Fudo-ryu Koppoujutsu, Tamatora-ryu Koppoujutsu, Ungakure-ryu Ninja, Tamashin-ryu Ninja, Yoshikan-ryu Koppōjutsu, Shinden Fudo-ryu Koppoujutsu, Kuki Shinden Ryuhachiho secret sword. The Bujinkan Dojo was established by integrating the essences of the nine schools and has students all over the world.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Length: 114 min.


Customer Reviews

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Ninpo Classic

I love to watch Bujinkan videos by Hatsumi Sensei. They are always full of that something, that is kind of hard to describe in normal terms, perhaps magic of sort.
This particular video is more in a "lecture" category I guess, where Hatsumi Sensei shares some insights into his life, training and art, including an interesting lecture
on his teacher, Takamatsu sensei. Bujinkan has issued many videos and they vary greatly in their content and purposes. I recommend this one if you need to hear
more about the Ninpo in general, as I doubt you can get this information anywhere else.

In one of his videos Tai Kai videos, Hatsumi Sensei says something like "I have been teaching the same thing for many years - you are still here, which means you still
haven't got it". Although half in jest, I think his is right about that one - we probably wouldn't need anymore if we just got it once and for all.