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Metric Arm Strikes & Blocks System Vol 1 by Jim Wagner (On Demand)

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With this new work divided in two parts, Jim Wagner, backed by a 2 decades of experience in the military and police, help you simplify your training and learning only those blows and blockades that really work in combat. In this first volume, discover that there are only 10 primary directions with which to attack an opponent with his hands, and only 10 possible directions in which your opponent can attack you with their fists and elbows. These are the angles primary underlying systems military and police around the world because, when the time comes, the techniques must be simple and effective.

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Arthur Liu
An easier way to remember the basics of defensive tactics

I like his simple approach as there is little to remember which is good when you are adrenalized in combat or self defense situation.
Anything technique based can be hard to recall under stress. Simplicity is a good thing.