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Marcelo Garcia Seminar in Japan DVD

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In 2003, at the Abu Dhabi Combat in Brazil, Marcelo Garcia shocked the world of combat sports with a debut that included victories over Henzo Gracie and Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro, ultimately winning the championship. Known for his lightning-fast ability to take opponents' backs, Garcia made a profound impact on the global martial arts scene.

In May 2004, Marcelo Garcia made his eagerly anticipated debut in Japan, showcasing his secrets in a comprehensive seminar, fully recorded for this release. Additionally, this production includes a special feature of his super fight against rival Fernando Terere, demonstrating the extraordinary skills of top-level competitors.



  • Stretching & Warm-Up Exercises
  • Stance and First Contact: Transitioning to Back Control
  • Taking the Back When Opponent Doesn't Fall
  • Completing the Back Take with Hooks
  • Completing the Back Take with Hooks 2
  • Chokes from the Back
  • Armbar for Opponent Escaping from Back
  • Armbar by Cutting Across the Opponent's Clasped Arm
  • Choking the Opponent Facing Down
  • Front Choke Execution

Japan Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2004:

  • May 15, 2004 (Saturday)
  • Tokyo Setagaya Comprehensive Sports Center Gymnasium

Featured Matches:

  • Adult Purple Belt Galo Division Final: John Carlos Kurao vs Gou Sato
  • Adult Purple Belt Pluma Division Final: John Paulo Kurao vs Lee Hee Sung
  • Adult Purple Belt Pena Division Final: Nagaoki Kitahara vs Yuki Ishikawa
  • Adult Purple Belt Leve Division Final: Toru Nakayama vs Hiroyuki Nomura
  • Adult Purple Belt Medio Division Final: Shinya Aoki vs John Batista
  • Adult Brown Belt Absolute Division First Round: Edmundo Cavalcante Jr. vs Andre Gavao
  • Adult Brown Belt Absolute Division Final: Shunsuke Hayashi vs Andre Gavao
  • Adult Black Belt Medio Division Super Fight: Marcelo Garcia vs Fernando Terere


  • Marcelo Garcia
    • Born on January 17, 1982. A rising star in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from the renowned Alliance team in Brazil. Winner of the Abu Dhabi 77kg division in 2003, defeating legends like Henzo Gracie and Shaolin. His lightning-fast ability to secure opponents' backs has been described as supernatural. Marcelo Garcia also won the black belt Medio division at the 2004 Mundials.

Language: Japanese

Length: 140 min.


Marcelo Garcia Seminar in Japan DVD - Budovideos Inc

Marcelo Garcia Seminar in Japan DVD

Prix habituel $49.95 USD
Prix habituel $69.00 USD Prix soldé $49.95 USD