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Leg Lock Master DVD from Masakazu Imanari

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The "Imanari Roll" is a technique in grappling, particularly associated with Masakazu Imanari, known for his expertise in leg submissions. It involves a unique method of entry into various leg locks from different positions, which Imanari has refined and popularized over decades of competitive experience. Here's a breakdown of what the Imanari Roll entails based on the DVD's content:

Content from the DVD:


  • How to finish leg submissions
    • Straight Achilles
    • Inside and outside Achilles
    • 50/50 positioning
    • 50/50 Achilles
    • 50/50 inside heel hook, external rotation
    • 50/50 inside heel hook, internal rotation
    • Saddle positioning
    • Saddle inside heel hook, internal rotation
    • 50/50 outside heel hook, external direction
    • Saddle outside heel hook, internal rotation
    • Kneebar
  • Entry into leg submissions
    • Entry into the Imanari Roll
    • Evolution process of the Imanari Roll
    • Training methods for the Imanari Roll
    • External heel hook from hook guard
    • Development from hook guard
    • Heel hook from Reverse X
    • Achilles lock from Reverse X
    • Kneebar after losing back control
    • Development from Single X
    • Drilling Achilles locks
    • Leg rotation


  • Kneebar against back take
  • Linking techniques when kneebar is defended
  • Counter techniques against Berimbolo called "Wako"
  • Ankle hold against Berimbolo
  • Kneebar against Berimbolo
  • Kneebar against leg drag
  • Kneebar against Reverse Half 1
  • Kneebar against Reverse Half 2


Masakazu Imanari

  • Born on February 10, 1976, in Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. He started his professional career under Antonio Inoki's U.F.O. promotion in 1996 and later became the first middleweight champion in Kingdom Elgaitsu in 2001. Known for his achievements in ZST and DEEP organizations, Imanari gained widespread recognition for defeating notable fighters and securing multiple championship titles. His grappling prowess, particularly in leg submissions, has made him a revered figure in the MMA community, influencing the development of modern grappling techniques globally.

Language: Japanese

Length: 72 min


Customer Reviews

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David Tice
One of a kind leglock instructional you must have

This instructional is a must have instructional on leglocks although it does have other grappling techniques also. It really doesn't matter that it's all in Japanese. When I first saw this instructionals years back I was mesmerized. It was state of the art innovation for leglock. I thought it was so crazy cool all the things he does to get leglocks in his matches they show. It was so far ahead of it's time. Imanari was the biggest influence on leglocks in the United States and the World until John Danaher, Gary Tonon, Eddie Wolverine Cummings and King Gordon Ryan yet even with them Imanari stands out.
The Imanari roll is legendary and Ryan Hall learned it from Imanari and got it on B.J. Penn in his UFC win. He gives Imanari credit for it.

Japanese only ?

Great artist lots of content and very efficiently demonstrated it’s a must but why on Earth is it that we can’t have any subtitles in English or any other languages ??? Poor nationalistic narrow minded mistake or technical failure? I wish I could have the answer...great dvd though and some would say we don’t need the lyrics the moves tell from themselves but I wish I would understand Master Imanari’s point of vue.