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Learn Aikijutsu Book by Makoto Kurabe
Learn Aikijutsu Book by Makoto Kurabe
Learn Aikijutsu Book by Makoto Kurabe

Learn Aikijutsu Book by Makoto Kurabe

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Unlock the secrets of Daito Ryu's godlike techniques accessible to all! Makoto Kurabe, with his roots in Japan and honed expertise in Europe, demystifies the art of Aiki.

These techniques transcend speed and power, leveraging softness to control stiffness. Gain systematic insights into once-exclusive mysteries, traditionally mastered only by the exceptionally talented.

Explore beyond Aikido and Jujutsu to encompass Karate and Kenpo techniques, expanding your martial arts repertoire.

Chapter 1: Contact System Principle 1 - Integration by Active Equilibrium
Chapter 2: Contact System Principle 2 - Integration by Passive Equilibrium
Chapter 3: Push that captures the center of gravity and Penetration thrust
Chapter 4:  Aiki raising by Aiki technique ①
Chapter 5:  Aiki raising" by Aiki technique ②
Chapter 6:  The highest principle "Aiki mode ①
Chapter 7:  The highest principle "Aiki mode ②
Chapter 8:  The highest principle "Aiki mode ③
Chapter 9:  "Skin Aiki" hung through the skin
Chapter 10:  Reverse technique to solidify the whole body
Chapter 11:  Principle of aiki surgery realized by muscle current
Chapter 12:  Aiki Kenpo against thrust

About the Instructor:

While working as an engineer for major automobile and electronics manufacturers, he devoted himself to training in the traditional jujutsu and gyakutedo traditions of Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture. He then traveled to the Netherlands and began teaching gyakutedo. In recent years, he has independently discovered the principles of aikijutsu through gyakutedo, and has been teaching groundbreaking methods of improvement, either in person or through online instruction, with steady results. His books and translations include "Quick Learning Aiki", "Master Aiki with 5 Methods," & "Learn Aikijutsu". His DVDs include "Aiki Textbook" & "Master Aiki with 5 Methods".

Language: Japanese 

Length: 172 pages


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