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Kyusho for the Disabled DVD by Evan Pantazi

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Kyusho is perfectly suited for people with all ranges of disability, in fact it is far better suited than most Martial Arts out there as it uses far less power, speed and especially agility. It also has greater effect on the assailant as the weaker anatomical structures are targeted as opposed to general areas. One of the more difficult disabilities is in the mobility lost during confinement in a wheelchair. You do not have a stable base from which to issue a powerful technique or counter. You are always at risk of tipping over, or rolling away or into the attack. Kyusho has been prized for centuries by the Masters of Old as they fully kept their prowess even in advanced years. The understanding of the human anatomy, physiology and functionality, need not be kept private for selected family members, favored students or inheritors of the style. This is vital information and skill development for all ages... and aging. It is the equalizer that the Martial Arts were intended to be.

65 min. - Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français