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Krav Maga Israeli Survival System Disarming Techniques DVD with Marco Morabito

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Krav Maga Israeli Survival System: the new Krav Maga frontier. After the success of his first DVD, Grandmaster Marco Morabito appears unprecedented in Budo International with a DVD dedicated to weapons: Morabito knowledge in both civil and military defense fields intertwines in an explosive mixture of technology and innovation. Nothing is left to chance and there are no secrets: with "experimentalis cognitio", the most common armed attacks are carefully examined paying utmost attention to every single detail. Diverse techniques with the most common weapons are analyzed, always bearing in mind that there is no such thing as a "universal pattern of aggression": the kinds of attacks are unlimited and so are the means of defense. Technique is only the basis of study to acquire and develop fluency and conscience of the movement, but the aim is that of making our defense instinctive thus shortening the time of reaction. As on the ring, we will never have the mathematical certainty of winning the bout, but we can greatly increase our chances of emerging victorious: "He who fights risks to lose, he who doesn't fight has already lost." Morabito, with his Israeli Krav Maga Survival System wants to break with the patterns and show the public something totally new, far from the regular old-fashioned techniques, emulated for decades. On this DVD, technique melts with experience and everything acquires clear and definite contours. Nothing is left at random and the most common mistakes are unmasked and analyzed. In the Israeli Krav Maga Survival System you will find an exceptional and authentic new method of self-defense.

-Length: 57 min

-Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français