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Kapap Combatives Muay Thai Self Defense DVD with William Paardekooper

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The existing Kapap is a hybrid system of fighting in which one studies what works and what does not but always under a real foundation, it is principles based. A technique may work or not, whereas a principle will always allow us to flow from one movement to another and permit us to have control over the situation. Within the "Kapap Combatives" philosophy, this work offers an approach to real combat based Muay Thai, one of the most effective ring arts, but that in the street has to adapt to different type of rules. The most important rule we are talking about is that "on the street there are no rules".

W. Paardekooper, Instructor Level 4 trained directly under Avi Nardia and became a great Muay Thai fighter, with this DVD he has surprised us with this incredibly elaborated system of self defense. With this same system he has trained to a lot of people who don´t practice sports but are only interested In learning how to defend their families and themselves effectively. Since they don't have enough time to condition their shins and fists like professional fighters they learn how to use the elbows and the knees, very strong parts of the body that can cause a lot of damage to their opponents. When you cannot avoid the fight you have to fight but then there is only a rule: WIN!!!

Languages included: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français