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Intro to Taekwondo 2 DVD Set with Pak Chong Hyon

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Introduction to Authentic Taekwondo by Founder Choi Hong Hi and Master Park Jung Hyun

Taekwondo, a self-defense martial art utilizing hands and feet, is taught in its true form by Master Park Jung Hyun, who learned directly from founder Choi Hong Hi.

Taekwondo and Choi Hong Hi

Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwondo, allowed Master Park Jung Hyun to learn the art, which involves scientifically utilizing every part of the body while simultaneously training both the mind and body. This modern martial art includes basic movements, intricate kicking techniques, forms (poomsae), and sparring (kyorugi), among other elements, all demonstrated by Master Park Jung Hyun and his top disciples.

Content Overview

  • History of Taekwondo
  • So-gi (Stance)
  • Attack and Defense Techniques
  • Sign Wave
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Chagi (Kicking Techniques)
  • Promise Massogi (Sparring)
  • Tul (Forms)
  • Self-defense Techniques
  • Power

Bonus Video (25 minutes)

Exclusive footage of a seminar conducted by Founder Choi Hong Hi in Tokyo in February 1997, providing invaluable insights for those learning Taekwondo.

Featured Instructor

  • Park Jung Hyun (박 정 현 / Pak Chong Hyon)
    • Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1969, Park began learning martial arts at the age of 8 under his father's guidance. In April 1988, he moved to Tokyo and joined the Japan International Taekwondo Association. He studied under Master Hwang Jin and obtained his black belt in 1990. Park achieved second place in the first All Japan Taekwondo Championship in the Microweight division and competed in five ITF World Taekwondo Championships until 1999.
    • In 1992, Park became a staff member at the Japan International Taekwondo Association headquarters and served as a full-time instructor at Morambon Arakawa Dojo. He played a pivotal role in the rapid spread of Taekwondo through nationwide activities and curriculum development for Taekwondo distance education starting in 1995.
    • Park was promoted to 4th dan in 1998 and appointed as a master instructor at the Japan International Taekwondo Association. He holds certifications as an ITF International Instructor and ITF International Referee Class A. In 1999, he established the Taekwondo Faran Park Dojo in Urawa, Saitama, marking the first dojo in the area.
    • Continuously active in teaching at over 20 dojos, Park has achieved numerous accolades in international competitions, including winning the Middleweight division at the 5th Veteran World Championship in 2012 and the Poomsae 6th Dan division at the 6th Veteran World Championship in 2014. He continues to compete actively aiming for participation until the age of 60. Currently, he serves as the President of Taekwondo Faran Park Dojo.

169 min. on 2 DVDs

Includes Japanese audio with English & Korean subtitles


Intro to Taekwondo 2 DVD Set with Pak Chong Hyon - Budovideos Inc

Intro to Taekwondo 2 DVD Set with Pak Chong Hyon

Prix habituel $89.95 USD
Prix habituel $119.00 USD Prix soldé $89.95 USD

Customer Reviews

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Anibal Ortiz
Intro to TaeKwon-Do with PAk Chong Hyon

The dvd set is a must for the beginner who just started in TaeKwon-Do. A lot of information well explained to start your path in TKD. Also there is a bonus video of the founder of TaeKwon-Do 1997 seminar in Tokyo worth it.