Intro to MMA with Shinya Aoki Book (Preowned)
Intro to MMA with Shinya Aoki Book (Preowned)
Intro to MMA with Shinya Aoki Book (Preowned)
Intro to MMA with Shinya Aoki Book (Preowned)

Intro to MMA with Shinya Aoki Book (Preowned)

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The first technical book by the world's best technician in the world of mixed martial arts is now complete. Foot choke, rubber guard, threading, Aoki plata, twister, Sekai... Get into the swing of strange, "perverted" positions you've never seen before.

Chapter 1: A look back at Aoki Shinya's life story with treasured photos
Chapter 2: Aoki Shinya's original grappling techniques (armbar; omoplata; triangle choke, etc.)
Chapter 3: Aoki Shinya's MMA techniques: position-specific offensive and defensive explanations (takedowns from punch offensive and defensive attacks; takedowns by throwing; other takedowns, etc.)
Chapter 4: Aoki Shinya's training method (A full look at Aoki Shinya's day; how to spend the two months leading up to a match; what exercises beginners should do, etc.)

About the author
Aoki Shinya [Aoki Shinya]
Born May 9, 1983, from Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Height 180 cm. Normal weight 76 kg. Belongs to Balaestra Tokyo. Became Shooto World Middleweight Champion while attending Waseda University, became a police officer after graduating, but quit and returned to the world of professional fighting. Won 4 matches in PRIDE, 4 wins and 4 submissions, and continued to remain undefeated even after PRIDE was dissolved, with matches against Jung Pu-kyung at "Yarenakanoka! Osoka! 2007", J.Z. Calvin, Katsuhiko Nagata, and Kaoru Uno at DREAM. Lost to Joachim Hansen in the final of the DREAM Lightweight Grand Prix 2008, but won against Eddie Alvarez at "Dynamite!! 2008".

Language: Japanese

174 page book

Printed in 2009