Intro to Catch as Catch Can DVD by Hideki Suzuki - Budovideos Inc

Intro to Catch as Catch Can DVD by Hideki Suzuki

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Windmill Bill Robinson's Direct Transmission! Hideki Suzuki Thoroughly Introduces the Elusive Catch Technique

Originating from Lancashire, England, "Catch-as-Catch-Can" wrestling developed to utilize any part of the body. Known in the professional wrestling world alongside "Snake Pit" Billy Riley's gym as a legendary style, it has captivated fans worldwide with its diverse joint techniques, distinct from amateur wrestling. This DVD is a definitive edition where Hideki Suzuki, having learned Catch techniques from Bill Robinson, a representative figure in spreading CACC worldwide, meticulously demonstrates and explains the basics.



  • Flow of offense and defense in CACC
  • Stance
  • Steps
  • Pivot
  • Pivot from kneeling


  • Key points of takedown
  • Collar and elbow
  • Over hook
  • Under hook
  • Whizzer
  • Hank
  • Salt
  • Cautions on Salt
  • High hip
  • Fireman's carry
  • Headlock
  • Hip throw
  • Armbar
  • Leg pickup
  • Variations from leg pickup
  • Wrist lock
  • Front headlock
  • Half hatch
  • Double wrist lock
  • How to release when opponent grabs the wrist
  • Arm drag
  • Cobra twist
  • Takedown from the back
  • Pick up
  • Double leg dive
  • European clutch
  • Single leg dive
  • Takedown from single leg dive ① ②
  • Change from single leg dive to double leg dive
  • Counter to single leg dive
  • Counter to double leg dive


  • Defensive position
  • From being pinned to defensive position
  • Returning from defensive position to even ① ② ③ ④
  • Attacks from defensive position ① ②
  • Taking the back
  • Push
  • Three-quarter nelson
  • Application of three-quarter nelson
  • Ride
  • Side ride
  • Variations from side ride
  • Attacking opponent lying face down
  • Face lock
  • Hammer lock
  • Attack from sprawl ① ② ③


  • Points of suplex
  • Front suplex
  • Side suplex
  • Double arm suplex
  • German suplex


Hideki Suzuki

  • Born on February 28, 1980, in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, Japan. He began studying judo from elementary school. During junior high school, he admired Keiji Mutoh and became enthralled with professional wrestling. In 2003, he moved to Tokyo and joined UWF Snake Pit Japan. He learned Catch-as-Catch-Can wrestling from Bill Robinson. On November 24, 2008, he made his professional debut against Hiromitsu Kanehara at IGF Aichi Prefecture Tournament. Since then, he has rapidly risen with his favorable physique and techniques inherited from Robinson, facing notable figures such as Peter Aerts, Kazuyuki Fujita, and Naoya Ogawa one after another. In 2014, he left IGF and became a free agent. He has since captured titles in various organizations like ZERO1, WRESTLE-1, and BJW, actively competing as a champion known for both popularity and skill. His book "Introduction to Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling" (Nippon Budo Publishing) has also received positive reviews.

Language: Japanese

83 min.


Intro to Catch as Catch Can DVD by Hideki Suzuki - Budovideos Inc

Intro to Catch as Catch Can DVD by Hideki Suzuki

Prix habituel $39.95 USD
Prix habituel $59.95 USD Prix soldé $39.95 USD

Customer Reviews

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Will Antonio
Hard to find DVD.

Thanks again Great DVD

Matthew Ryan
Excellent technique breakdown and demonstration

I'm not a Japanese speaker, but interestingly I did not have a problem following the instruction. I really liked how he broke it down and demonstrated.