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Hwa Rang Do Hoshinsul Vol 1 Joint Manipulation DVD by Taejoon Lee

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In these Instructional Video series, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee introduces for the first time in history the Tae Soo Do® (Undergraduate Prerequisite Program) Hoshinsul (Self Defense Joint Manipulation Techniques) found in the Intermediate and Advanced levels as an introduction to the vast curriculum of joint manipulation techniques found in Hwa Rang Do®. One of the many components within its Four Divisions of study, Wae Gong (External Power), the physical curriculum is what is commonly known as Joint Manipulation. Utilizing the joints of the human anatomy with proper application of angles and force to control an opponent through pain/pressure compliance. Although a person may easily enlarge and strengthen their musculature, the ligaments and tendons connecting the bones and muscle to bones are difficult to strengthen. Hence, joint manipulation when properly applied can be highly effective with minimal strength and effort. 
It is also one of the best ways to control and deter and aggressor without inflicting severe damage. Hwa Rang Do® has extensive joint manipulation techniques for all forms of attacks (empty hand and with weapon), grabs, and holds to control, submit, takedown, and finish the assailant for self-defense, law-enforcement, and military applications. 

DVD Volume 1:
- The C-Lock against the 5 common attacks: punch, push, lapel grab, wrist grab & rear shoulder grab, C-Lock on the Ground and Dynamic Practice.
- The Armbar against punch, push, lapel grab, wrist grab & rear shoulder grab.

57 min.

Language: English

Customer Reviews

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Damon Kettle

Awesome training arm locks,two basic types, grabbing arm and move feet

Cedric Kavena
good presentation of techniques.

An instructor helps refine technique and can add subtle movements that make techniques more effective and easier to apply.

Daniel Wagner

Thank you is very good