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High Collar Passing “Breaking the Rules” of Guard Passing DVD by James Clingerman

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How many times have you been told this?
How many times have you told this to someone?
As with most rules, there is a time to break them.
This Guard Passing Instructional is like nothing else out there.
James Clingerman shows you how to cut through your opponent’s guard by “breaking the rules” of passing.

While, the methods taught in this instructional set follow concepts of traditional Guard Passing, the techniques are uncommon (and uncomfortable) enough to catch even the most experienced players off guard.

In this set, you’re going to find techniques
that only a handful of the Top Jiu-Jitsu Players are using to dominate their opponents.

As with all of James Clingerman’s Instructionals, this is PACKED full of techniques with many follow-ups and options, put together in a full Guard Passing system.

If you have never “broken the rules” and tried to pass with a High Collar Grip from inside the guard, here is the perfect opportunity to learn to do it the Right Way!

If you are already using some High Collar Grips, this is the perfect product to help you expand your knowledge and perfect this “rule breaking” system!


Chapters included:

1. Intro
2. Foundational Concepts
3. Foundational Details
4. Beat the First Defense
5. Kimura 1
6. Kimura 2
7. Kimura 3
8. Kimura to Armbar
9. Single Wing Choke
10. Cross Choke
11. Hanging Cross Choke
12. Shoulder Reset
13. Hip Reset
14. Loop Choke & Wild West
15. Backtake
16. Guillotine & Wild West
17. Clock Choke
18. Wild West Choke
19. Cross Choke
20. Advancing Position
21. Beating the Shin Shield
22. Leg-Drag Details
23. X-Pass
24. X-Pass 2
25. Backstep 1
26. Backstep 2
27. Backstep 3
28. Sit Up Guard
29. Sitting Up Loop Choke
30. Loop Choke Variations
31. Leg Locks
32. Kneebar
33. Leg Lock Transitions
34. Using the Bottom Lapel
35. Drills
36. Outro

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