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Greco Roman Wrestling Complete Instruction Vol 3 DVD by Katsuhiko Nagata

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From Beginners Eager to Learn Greco-Roman Techniques to Those Aiming for the World! Katsuhiko Nagata, Sydney Olympic Silver Medalist, Teaches Greco-Roman Wrestling Techniques Katsuhiko Nagata, who has pursued a fighting style that leverages Japanese characteristics and established a winning style recognized globally, generously showcases his techniques acquired over many years for expanding the base of Greco-Roman wrestling and nurturing future medalists. In Volume 3, he meticulously demonstrates and explains the robust ground combat of Greco-Roman wrestling, from rolling to lifting and reversals.


= Rolling Techniques =

  • How to clutch
  • NG clutch
  • Inserting arms for winding
  • Position for clutching
  • Basic reversal methods
  • Reversing to the opposite side
  • Killing the opposite shoulder to reverse
  • Exchanging shoulder and waist to reverse
  • Modified rolling ①
  • Reversing to the opposite side when the waist is cut
  • Lifting up when the waist floats
  • Modified rolling ②
  • Rearranging the clutch to reverse to the opposite side
  • Lifting up when the waist floats
  • Defense in rolling
    • Preventing arms from entering
    • Peeling off / shifting arms
    • Applying pressure to shift with the clutch
    • Pushing with core and limbs
    • Circling
    • Rolling up
    • Combining defensive techniques

= Lifting Techniques =

  • Clutch suitable for lifting techniques
  • Key points for exerting force
  • Lifting from behind
    • Steps with head touching
    • Stopping movement with legs and stepping
    • Squeezing and stopping with the clutch
    • Using chest and shoulders to stop
    • Standing with both feet from rolling position
  • Lifting from the side
    • Lifting with knees raised
    • Standing up with both knees inserted
  • Lifting after straddling the body
  • Handling after lifting
    • Rolling with thigh support
    • Pulling out the hips and rolling forward
  • Linking techniques from lifting
    • Rolling to the opposite side
    • Rolling by killing the shoulder
    • Stepping out to pull out to the opposite side
    • Linking to Nelson
    • Linking to half-Nelson
    • Linking to arch throw
  • Defense in lifting techniques
    • Preventing the opponent from establishing a foothold
    • Cutting the waist and rolling up
    • Superman
    • Inserting knee from the side
    • Standing up after straddling

= Reversal Techniques =

  • How opponent lifts
    • Lifting with both feet standing
    • Inserting both knees
    • Standing up with one knee on the ground
    • Throw over the shoulder
    • Jumping to the opposite side with both feet standing
    • Jumping to the opposite side with both knees inserted
  • Linking techniques from reversal
  • Handling after lifting
    • Pulling the opponent
    • Returning the opponent vertically
  • Linking techniques from reversal
    • Techniques against defensively solid opponents
    • Variations to counter grip reversals
  • Defense in reversal techniques
    • Cutting the waist and circling
    • Standing up and taking the back


Katsuhiko Nagata (NAGATA Katsuhiko)

  • Born October 31, 1973, in Tokamachi, Chiba Prefecture. Started wrestling in high school and continued at Nippon Sport Science University. Won titles in Greco-Roman style 68kg class, including the All Japan Student Championship. After graduation, joined the Metropolitan Police Department. First won the All Japan Wrestling Championship in Greco-Roman 69kg class in 1997 and achieved six consecutive victories ('97-'01 69kg, '02 74kg). At the Sydney Olympics in 2000, won the silver medal in the 69kg class, becoming the only Japanese wrestler to do so and continuing Japan's tradition of 12 consecutive wrestling medals after 12 years. In April 2010, opened the wrestling sports gym "Wrestlewin" in Chofu City, Tokyo. Achieved remarkable results by teaching accurate and effective fighting methods to boys and girls, producing numerous national tournament winners. Additionally, appointed as the director of Japan Wellness Sports University Wrestling Club in April 2015. Returned to the All Japan Wrestling Championship after 11 years in December of the same year, winning the 7th title in the 71kg class after a 13-year absence. (His victory at the age of 42 set a record as the oldest winner in history.) Renowned for his clear and theoretical teaching of techniques and training methods acquired over many years, actively working to elevate Japan's wrestling community from children to adults.

Language: Japanese

Length: 119 min.


Greco Roman Wrestling Complete Instruction Vol 3 DVD by Katsuhiko Nagata - Budovideos Inc

Greco Roman Wrestling Complete Instruction Vol 3 DVD by Katsuhiko Nagata

Prix habituel $39.95 USD
Prix habituel $59.95 USD Prix soldé $39.95 USD

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George Sheehan
Good instruction

This volume 3 delivers techniques in the par tere position. Good instruction, thanks.