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Flower Power DVD by Malachy Friedman - Budovideos Inc

Flower Power DVD by Malachy Friedman

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Welcome to Flower Power! Malachy Friedman, the creator of the Darce Killer, has perfected the Flower Sweep, sending this already high percentage move skyrocketing. Malachy breaks down the mechanics of this seemingly simple, closed guard sweep and demonstrates how to exploit its full potential using many slick variations so you can dominate your toughest opponents. Your opponent’s counters will prove futile as you land armbars, triangles, foot attacks and transition with ease into various guards from this sweep. You will demolish the competition with these funky Flower Power sweep techniques, leaving your opponents dazed and confused. Flower Power!


  1. Intro
  2. Closed Guard
  3. Flower Sweep
  4. Lapel Choke
  5. Lapel Sweep
  6. Flower Counter
  7. Flower Armbar
  8. Flower Sweep Lapel Armbar
  9. Inverted Armbar
  10. Flower Triangle
  11. Flower Barataplata
  12. Flower Swede
  13. X-Guard Sweep
  14. Tama Flower
  15. Tama Details
  16. Flower Heisen Guard
  17. Worm Lapelata Triangle
  18. Flower Worm Lapelata Mounted Armbar
  19. Flower Worm Lapelata Mounted Reverse Triangle
  20. Reverse Flower Tilt Charge Up
  21. Reverse Flower Tilt Triangle
  22. Reverse Flower Tillt Inverted Armbar
  23. Outro

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Flower sweep wizardry

This is so slick. Professor Malachy Friedman has awesome amount of jiu-jitsu smarts and he gets his points across so clearly. He sees things most of us would miss and he’s incredibly inventive. The guy is a wizard. It’s not a difficult sweep from guard, but he teaches it differently with a change-up grip that makes such an amazing difference. You just have to see this video to know that it’s not the traditional sweep. As the smaller guy, who always seems to roll with gorillas, I’m working to own this version. Professor Malachy gives all the details and cool variations, to set you up right. Good stuff. I’m grateful for the knowledge. OSS.

Flower Sweep results are great

This is a very effective sweep, and the video gives lots of solid detail making it a very useful addition to my library, so yeah, I highly recommend Flower Power. Friedman gives the basics, of course, and then he moves to really creative variations and attacks, and everything clicks - boom, boom, boom. If you put the effort into his system, your results should turn out excellent. Even if you are not of a higher rank, you still should do well with this instruction. This appeals to me because it's a tight game, a thinking game, but doesn't require extreme athleticism which I appreciate. As the description says you get so much detail and variation. Flower Counters, Flower Armbars, Flower Triangles, Barataplata, Swede, X-Guard Sweep, Tama Flower, etc. etc. etc. As for the production, I think it's quite professional. It's not Star Wars, just solid BJJ. Everything you need to know is captured clearly, everything is high quality including the audio. That's all I want. No cowbell. I think Friedman is a genius teacher. I do. He is clear, explaining steps and sequences in a concise, no fluff way. He always explains the why of what you should do - no smoke and mirrors ever. I appreciate that. Yeah, I give it 5 stars. Absolutely.

James Risley
Let me save you time

The DVD is a little over 30m long, and something like 30% of the runtime (i'm trying to be conservative, i think it was more) is completely dead, used up by a title card that plays a little too long between every technique, and Friedman introducing every technique with redundant mumbling about how good the flower sweep is. One whole technique is used showing an entry from flower sweep into "Heisen guard," a guard no one has ever used, and you won't have any options from until you buy Friedman's Heisen guard DVD. So if you wanna go from a nearly successful flower sweep and fuck yourself into a useless position with no ideas on how to progress from there, Flower Power has you covered. There're basically one and a half good ideas on the DVD, but the detail of the instruction is roughly what you would get in a text from a buddy after he hit something cool in open mat. So here, I'll do it for you. 1st good idea: start setting up a brabo choke so that you have their open lapel outside their arm. Then set up a regular flower sweep, but instead of grabbing the sleeve, slap that lapel over their elbow at the last instant as a surprise to block the post. Here's half a good idea: transition to X or single leg X off a failed flower sweep. His method is pretty half-assed, but it's an intriguing idea to lab yourself. The rest is fancy nonsense that you be better off focusing on just improving your initial flower sweep attack.