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Eskrima of the XXI Century by Frans Stroeven (E-book)

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Title: E-Book

Filipino Martial Arts have a well-deserved reputation of working effectively with the most assorted range of weapons. From the sticks to the knife, behind them, derives a practical conception of the combat that few, as the author of this book, Frans Stroeven, can explain so well. Frans is Dutch, and being nomad and traveler, like the classical myth, he has managed over the years to gather the information from the original sources, to give that modern and pragmatic turn that has made his system become an indispensable reference among the serious students of Eskrima worldwide. This book brings together all this information including chapters that gloss classics of Philippine Arts, like Grand Master Canete, as well as reflections on combined systems that the author himself knows so well, like Wing Chun. However, the central axis that rules the text is the quest for combat effectiveness. An effectiveness that has led this magnificent instructor to teach law enforcement groups like Brazilian or Philippino police agents. This is a book for those interested in realistic combat systems and a great reference for all students of the arts of Southeast Asia in general. The text is peppered with interesting and practical tips on fighting that will surely draw the attention of scholars, but being written in a direct and simple way, even the uninitiated will benefit from it.

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Language: English

123 pages