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Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Aiki Age Book by Shouji Arimitsu
Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Aiki Age Book by Shouji Arimitsu
Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Aiki Age Book by Shouji Arimitsu

Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Aiki Age Book by Shouji Arimitsu

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Discover the universal principle underlying all martial arts and physical techniques!

Aikiage, a profound technique, enables effortless lifting of your hand when gripped tightly, manipulating the opponent's center of gravity. This simple action grants freedom to execute throws or pins seamlessly!

Learn essential insights through clear explanations, focusing on techniques like "muscle stretch" and non-colliding "circular movements" that defy the opponent's strength. Master these methods easily!


Part I: The fundamental power of Aikiage
Chapter 1: From Sagawa Yukiyoshi to Yoshimaru Keisetsu: The quintessence of Aiki passed down
Chapter 2: The Aiki body born from "Zatori" and "Sword"
Chapter 3: "Extensor control exercise" and "Basic stretching force training method"
Chapter 4: "Aikiage" by "Extensor control exercise"
Chapter 5: Smooth movement and ball-turning Aiki
Chapter 6: "Passive force strengthening method" and "Tanten training method"
Chapter 7: "Establishing the midline" and "Strengthening hand sensation"
Chapter 8: "Practical section" dealing with various cases
Chapter 9: Sagawa-ha Daito-ryu secret "Force sealing"
Chapter 10: Three secret exercise principles
Chapter 11: Daito-ryu reverse grip and Aiki-kenpo
Chapter 12: Daito-ryu swordsmanship and staff technique

Part II: The practical power of Aiki-sage
Chapter 13 Principles and basic movements of "Aiki-sage"
Chapter 14: Controlling the weight of the hands and feet
Chapter 15: Controlling the weight of the trunk

About the Author: Shouji Arimitsu
Born in Kagoshima Prefecture. In 2001, he joined Aikirentaikai, which is run by Shihan Yoshimaru Keisetsu, a disciple of the "unparalleled master" of Daito-ryu Aikibujutsu, Sagawa Yukiyoshi. In 2004, Shihan Yoshimaru fell ill, and the survival of the association was in doubt, but he helped the Shihan and held seminars and other events. Shihan Yoshimaru appointed him as the second general instructor of Aikirentaikai, a position he holds to this day. Director of Arimitsu Osteopathic Clinic. His representative work is the DVD "You Can Do It! Tips on Aiki-age (2 volumes)"

Japanese language.

180 pages


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Alex Chauvin

Excellent. Very interesting book.
Thanks to BudoVideos

Wade Russell
Very interesting book , lots knowledge.

Beautiful technique with lots footwork & very simple.


very niec