Cow Catch Em All DVD or Blu-ray by AJ Albert - Budovideos Inc
Cow Catch Em All DVD or Blu-ray by AJ Albert - Budovideos Inc
Cow Catch Em All DVD or Blu-ray by AJ Albert - Budovideos Inc
Cow Catch Em All DVD or Blu-ray by AJ Albert - Budovideos Inc
Cow Catch Em All DVD or Blu-ray by AJ Albert - Budovideos Inc

Cow Catch Em All DVD by AJ Albert

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The Cow Catcher is a powerful but lesser known takedown in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world. Originating in catch wrestling, the Cow Catcher is a guillotine with an underhook and can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Coming from a wrestling family, AJ Albert is well known in Southern California, having taught here for over 8 years under the tutelage of grappling luminaries such as Cleber Luciano, Erik Paulson, and Tim Cartmell.

AJ's simple yet detailed explanations will help convey the skills clearly and succinctly. Following a logical step by step approach, you'll see many different variations depending on opponent's reactions. In no time you too will be cow catching em all!


0) Intro
1) Posture and hand fighting
2) Cowcatcher from head to head level
3) Cowcatcher from head to chest level
4) Cowcatcher from snap down
5) Standing guillotine
6) From guillotine Defense
7) Gi snap down
8) Defeating the 2 on 1
9) From collar tie
10) From sprawl
11) Finish standing
12) Finish from front headlock
13) The rollover
14) Roll to darce
15) Pull the arm & anaconda roll
16) Anaconda sit
17) Farside armbar
18) Nearside armbar
19) Head scissors
20) Triangle
21) Counter with Darce
22) Arm in guillotine
23) Half guard cross choke
24) Brabo
25) Heel hook or ankle lock
26) Outro

Language: English & Japanese

Customer Reviews

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Brilliant Work

The Cowcatcher is a setup that's often neglected in many grappling instructional videos (and in many classes too). AJ Albert here does a phenomenal job of breaking down how to set it up, how to get the takedown from this position, and how to finish with a submission once on the ground (actually, he teaches many different possible ways of finishing).
The material is equally applicable to gi as to no-gi. Albert's instructional skills are clearly excellent. He explains all the concepts with great clarity. awesome video!

Excellent instruction!

The Cow Catcher is a fun but practical takedown that I was not familiar before AJ's instruction. The material here is very well thought-out and structured, and you're gonna get enough info to make it part of your game. AJ is an excellent teacher, who covers his subject matter clearly and with enough depth, but doesn't get long-winded or repetitive. Following the takedown, there's also a wide variety of submission attacks demonstrated. AJ shares knowledge and details along the way that are applicable not just to the Cow Catcher, but to grappling in general.

Some of the techniques are shown in the gi, but practically all of it works at least as well, if not better, in no-gi. There are only a couple submissions that require the gi/lapel. Recommended!