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Combat Systema DVD with Manami Mitani

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Delve into the art of Systema, a Russian martial art celebrated for its fluid and adaptive movements, particularly in combat scenarios. Led by Systema Los Angeles representative Manami Mitani, this instructional DVD unveils the intricacies of knife defense, emphasizing the concept of defense in layers and meticulous body mechanics.


1. Concept of Defense

  • Recognizing offensive movements
  • Understanding "defensive layers" for self-protection

2. Defensive Layer 1: Torso Movement

  • Utilizing shoulders and waist dynamics
  • Engaging chest and abdomen for defense
  • Multi-directional movement from three axes
  • Quality responses to attacks

3. Defensive Layer 2: Footwork

  • Sideways movement techniques
  • Effective steps backward
  • Opening the body for maneuverability
  • Diagonal movement strategies
  • Natural walking adaptations

4. Defensive Layer 3: Hand Movement

  • Techniques using palm, back of hand, fist, and fingers
  • Defense against horizontal cuts and various angles

5. Defensive Layer 4: Defense with Other Body Parts

  • Employing elbows, knees, shoulders, and feet for defense
  • Using abdomen, back, and chest strategically
  • Integrating waist movements for enhanced defense

6. Quality Hand Manipulation

  • Choosing between blocking and passing techniques
  • Effective strategies for grabbing, wrapping, rolling, and passing movements

7. Attacks from Different Angles and Positions

  • Defending against side or back attacks
  • Techniques from crouching or low positions
  • Controlling movement from knees, hips, or ground positions
  • Effective leg control strategies

8. Joint and Knife Control

  • Techniques for manipulating opponent's joints
  • Awareness and handling of the opponent's knife
  • Counter-attacks involving footwork

9. Knife Defense Drills

  • Evading knife attacks while maintaining contact
  • Practicing blindfolded evasion drills
  • One-handed evasion techniques
  • Examples of free-flowing movements in response to attacks

Instruction and Supervision: Manami Mitani, Systema Los Angeles representative, brings a wealth of martial arts experience to the table. Trained extensively in JKD Kenka-satsuho under Paul Bunak, jiu-jitsu, and vale tudo under Rickson Gracie, and influenced by Bruce Lee's philosophy through Pat Strong. Mitani's journey into Systema was deepened by Martin Wheeler, focusing on the Ryabko/Vasilyev style. Today, she imparts her unique Systema philosophy and training methodology across the United States.

Japanese language

80 min.


Combat Systema DVD with Manami Mitani - Budovideos Inc

Combat Systema DVD with Manami Mitani

Prix habituel $39.95 USD
Prix habituel $59.00 USD Prix soldé $39.95 USD