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Choy Li Fut Leopard & Tiger Form DVD by Pedro Rico

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Tiger and Leopard Form, performed by the Grand Master Pedro Rico. The Choy Li Fut is one of the few styles of Kung-Fu strongly influenced by the systems of the North and the South of China, combining the techniques of long arm of the South with the fast and agile movement of feet that characterizes the martial arts of the North . As with other Kung-Fu systems, in addition to teaching individual techniques, he incorporates his entire arsenal of self-defense into structured models that include two people.

In this DVD Sifu Pedro Rico, International Master of Choy Li Fut, presents two traditional forms of combat in pairs: "Leopard Gold and Tiger", which emphasizes the power, strength and speed of two of the most characteristic animals of the system inherited from the ancient Shaolin monks, and "Double Twin Daggers against empty hand". A DVD aimed at all Martial Arts practitioners who wish to strengthen their muscles, tendons and joints, and perfect their timing.

- Languages ​​included in DVD: Spanish, Deutsch, Italiano, Français