Chi Sao Wing Tsun TAOWS Academy DVD with Salvador Sanchez

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What happens when two people practice Chi-Sao, what is the meaning of their practice and what the objectives? In this 3rd DVD, "Chi Sao from the base to an advanced level," Sifu Salvador Sánchez addresses perhaps the most important aspect of Wing Chun: Chi-Sao, the soul of the system itself, which provides the practitioner with some special characteristics which are completely different from others, and gives him great virtues. This role deals with some aspects quite basic in principle, but as you delve into them, they'll be surprising to you. It is a very clear feature traditional Chinese culture; what it's very obvious at first glance, it nevertheless contains a second or third reading, which will surely change your approach, practice and understanding. We will discuss how to practice Chi Sao through our working drills and how to apply those drills, that ability in a sparring, linking certain concepts, perhaps not so much tied to traditional Kung Fu, such as biomechanics, structures, knowledge of physics, etc., in order to obtain better results in our practice.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français