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Boxing Defense DVD by Hiroshi Kawashima

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Mastering the Art of Boxing with Hiroshi Kawashima

Hiroshi Kawashima, known for his impeccable defensive techniques and nicknamed "Untouchable," presents a highly practical video series aimed at achieving victory through effective offense and defense coordination.

Content Overview

  • Basic Punching Techniques

    • Form and Stance
    • Jabbing
    • Jabbing while moving back
    • Straight Punch
    • Hook
    • Uppercut
  • Integration from Defense to Attack

    • Fundamentals of Defensive Techniques
    • Stopping
    • Slipping
    • Blocking
    • Weaving
    • Swaying back
  • Practical Techniques & Training

    • Effective Jump Rope Exercises
    • Shadow Boxing
    • Defensive practice by shaking the head
    • Mastering distance control
    • Maneuvering to the opponent's side
    • Utilizing the clinch

Featured Instructor

  • Hiroshi Kawashima (かわしまひろし)
    • Born on March 27, 1970, in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. From a young age, he received rigorous boxing training and achieved victory in the Inter-High School Championship in his third year, defeating future notable boxers like Katsuya Onizuka and Puma Tokuchi. After graduating, he moved to Tokyo in 1988 and joined the Yonekura Gym, making his professional debut on August 2 of the same year with three consecutive KO victories.
    • However, in his fourth fight, he was defeated by Puma Tokuchi in the finals of the East Japan Rookie of the Year Tournament, followed by another loss to Mitsuo Kawashima due to two fractures of his left fist, leading to over a year of recovery. During this period, he refined his techniques further.
    • On July 13, 1992, he became the Japanese S Flyweight Champion by defeating Hideki Koike, followed by three successful title defenses before relinquishing the title. On May 4, 1994, he challenged and defeated WBC World S Flyweight Champion Jose Luis Bueno, securing the world title with a knockdown in the 11th round. He maintained his dominance with numerous successful defenses, earning high praise internationally.
    • In February 20, 1997, during his seventh title defense, he suffered a loss and was diagnosed with severe visual impairment, leading to his decision to retire. In September 2000, he established the Kawashima Boxing Gym in Ota Ward, Tokyo, where despite being a newly established gym, he produced many prominent fighters. In April 2016, Minetaro Arikawa became the Japanese Welterweight Champion under his guidance.
    • He is actively involved as a television commentator, contributing to the development of the Japanese boxing scene.

Language: Japanese 

Length: 70 min.


Boxing Defense DVD by Hiroshi Kawashima - Budovideos Inc

Boxing Defense DVD by Hiroshi Kawashima

Prix habituel $39.95 USD
Prix habituel $59.00 USD Prix soldé $39.95 USD