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Beyond Fundamental Techniques of Kendo Nito Niten-Ichi Ryu Musashi Kai DVD

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The second official DVD from Nitenn Ichi-ryu Musashikai, featuring practical techniques of dual sword kendō for immediate learning. Guided by Nitenn Ichi-ryu Musashikai instructors who compete using two swords, this DVD includes a complete compilation of the seven forms (with explanations) of Nitenn Ichi-ryu Musashikai budo!


■ Techniques of Dual Sword Kendō (Combat Edition)

  • Initiating Techniques
    • Attacking Men, Kote, Do, Tsuki, Sweeping Men, Sweeping Kote, Debana Men, Debana Kote
  • Responsive Techniques
    • Men Uraeshi Do, Kote Nuki Men, Do Osae Men, Kote Uchiotoshi Kote Men, Tsuki Osae Men
  • Clash of Sword Guards
    • Points and Cautions of Sword Guard Clash, Techniques from Sword Guard Clash to Pull Men, Sword Guard Clash to Pull Kote, Sword Guard Clash to Pull Do, Techniques from Mist Stance to Response

■ Principles of Attack in Dual Sword Kendō

  • Mastering Ma-ai: Wisdom of Distance
    • Striking from a Single Step and One Sword Distance Principles
  • Disrupting the Enemy's Axis: Offensive and Defensive on the Central Line
    • Striking Directly, Sideways Strike, Turning Left and Right to Strike
  • Creating Opportunities for Strikes: Seizing the Center
    • Three Impermissible Points, Vulnerabilities in Stance, Movement, and Mind
  • Moving Shadows: Three Initiatives
    • Initiative of Suspense, Opposite Initiative, Waiting Initiative

■ Application to Single Sword and Counter to Dual Swords

  • Application to Single Sword
    • Single Sword Habits Revealed in Dual Sword Stance and Correction by Two Swords, Versatile Sword
  • Techniques in Single Sword Against Dual Swords
    • Understanding the Ma-ai of Dual Swords, Disrupting Dual Sword Stance, Attacking Tsuki to Strike Men, Attacking Tsuki to Strike Kote on the Large Sword Side, Attacking Tsuki to Slide Up Men

■ Nitenn Ichi-ryu Musashikai Budo Forms (All Seven)

  • Introduction to Nitenn Ichi-ryu Musashikai Budo Forms
    • Structure of Forms, Standing Bow and Beginning Etiquette, First Form, Second Form, Third Form, Fourth Form, Fifth Form, Sixth Form, Seventh Form, Ending Etiquette

■ Activities of Nitenn Ichi-ryu Musashikai


Japanese language

69 min.


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