Arm Bar 6 DVD Set by Erik Paulson

Arm Bar 6 DVD Set by Erik Paulson

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Armlocks have always played a major role in the ne-waza (ground game) of Japenese Judo & Jujitsu,Brazilian Jiujitsu, Russian Sambo, and now submission fighting and submission wrestling because of their immediate effectiveness.

Armlocks fall under the category of kansetsu-waza or joint locks. Judo teaches armlocks as the third section of the ground work kata in 5 different variations.
This tape series stresses mainly the straight and reverse armlocks also known in Japanese as the juji-gatame and gaku-juji-gatame.

In order to become proficient in the use of the Juji in competition, one must 'ingrain' it into their muscle memory through high repetition with the use of a cooperative partner or on a submission dummy.

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THE Encyclopedia

THE Encyclopedia of arm locks, PERIOD!

Rafael Garay
This Erick Paulson

This Erick Paulson DVD series are the best arm bar series I have ever seen. The techniques are well explained. Is a MUST por any advanced grappler.

Euro Spallucci
Outstanding !!!

Outstanding !!! The matter is so clearly
explained that you can watch the video
couple of times and then go to your dojo and try what you have seen. For the first time in my 40 years long
judo training, I have been able to
perform flying juji-gatame without
any problem for myself or my uke !
It has been a smooth, flowing, single-action movement: a beautiful feeling! Thanks a lot Mr.Paulson !

simen roth
a ton of arm bars!

a ton of arm bars! from many diferent positions. some people prefer arm bars some prefer chokes some prefer leg locks, if your an arm bar man this is a must own!

Dustin Bunnell
Volume 1 shows

Volume 1 shows Basic Kneeling & Standing Armbars, Volume 2 shows Basic Attacks from Different Positions, Volume 3 shows Advanced Guard Attacks, Volume 4 shows Arm Catch Grip Breaks, Volume 5 shows Advanced Attacks, and Volume 6 shows a bonus sessions of Erik's Shooto Class! This is one of the most comprehensive series on Armbars! A MUST HAVE for the serious grappler. This series will show you how to armbar from any position, armbars set ups, combinations counters and more! I've taken my armbar game to a whole new level!