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3 Points of Power 2017 Karate Seminar DVD by Malcolm Dorfman

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Instructed by Malcolm Dorfman Sensei - 9th Dan

San Ten Riki Ho (Three Points of Power) is the basis and criteria for Kihon, Kata, Kumite and real life confrontational situations. The basis of KWF
Bujutsu Karate.

* Deputy Grandmaster - Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF)
* Chief Instructor - Karatenomichi South Africa (KWF SA)
* Africa & Asia Continent Director - World Shotokan Karate-do Association (WSKA)
* Founder and Chief Instructor - Budo Karate International (BKI)

Member of the “Springbok” (South African National Team) team for 9 years, commencing in 1970 and “Springbok” captain in 1978. Referee: Chief Referee
of South Africa for 12 years, commencing 1982. International Referee in several organisations. Coach: National Coach of the first ever “Protea” (South
African National Team) in 1993. International Championship achievements: Winner of several international titles in a competition career that spanned
27 years (1967 - 1993) South African All-Styles Karate: Founder member of first official non-racial all-styles karate org. in South Africa (KASA) in
1993 Awarded 8th Dan by KASA for technical contribution to the development of karate in South Africa. Former National Executive Member for more than
2 decades. Former official Technical Director for more than 2 decades. Status in Japan & Worldwide: Deputy Grandmaster of Karatenomichi World
Federation (KWF). Member of the Karatenomichi World Federation 'Saiko-Shihankai' (Supreme Master Panel) - one of the original three members. Holds
the highest rank ever awarded to a Western member of a Japanese Shotokan mainline association. Awarded the rank of A-class Instructor, A-class
Examiner & A-class Judge by the Japan Karate Association (JKA Asai faction) in 1994. Re-awarded the rank of A-class Instructor, A-class Examiner &
A-class Judge by the KWF on its inception in 2000. World Cup Supervisor at the KWF World Cup from 2002-2017. Appointed by the World Shotokan Karate-
do Association (WSKA) as Africa Continent Director in 2001 and in addition as Asia Continent Director in 2015. Member of the WSKA Referee
Qualifications Panel for the World Championship since 2005. Appointed by the World Shotokan Karate-do Association (WSKA) to the newly formed 5-man
Referees Commission in 2013. Founder and World Chief Instructor of Budo Karate International.

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Christopher Smaby
Shotokan Karate with Malcolm Dorfman

This 6 part DVD was a very pleasant surprise. I was not familiar with Sensei Dorfman's instruction but I was familiar with his Sensei, Master Yahara. This is an advanced technical explanation of the most basic karate skills that are taught by Sensei Yahara at the JKS. Malcolm Dorfman breaks everything down to sound body mechanics. This DVD is for the more advanced Shotokan student. It includes the fine tuning of an advanced Shotokan kata plus the concept of real self-defense and not a Hollywood verson. This DVD is for the more advanced serious student of JKA style Shotokan Karate.