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6 Top Selling Modern Jiujitsu DVDs

What is modern Jiujitsu? Stated simply, it's all a combination of movements and guards that weren't commonly seen until recent years. The beauty of Jiujitsu is that it's constantly evolving. That doesn't mean that "traditional Jiujitsu" is no longer effective, it certainly is. But the new, modern Jiujitsu is effective as well. So let's take a look at 6 top selling modern Jiujitsu instructionals:

1. Going Upside Down by Budo Jake Inversions is a core movement of modern Jiujitsu but it's one that is often glossed over in other instructionals. Budo Jake takes great care to show all of the components of proper inverting including many concepts, drills, & precautions.

Get it to on DVD Watch now (LINK TO OD) 2. Worm Guard by Keenan Cornelius Despite his youth, Keenan stormed on the scene and has taken out many of the top journeymen of the sport. Much of his success has come from his own innovation, mainly his crafty Worm Guard in which he uses his opponents lapel against him.

Get it on DVD 3. Lasso Guard by Samir Chantre The lasso guard is a system of many different configurations and Samir is exactly the man to break it all down for you. From lasso X to Lasso De la Riva to Lasso half. Upgrade your open guard and Lasso guard with this comprehensive instructional.

Get it on DVD 4. Guard Passing by Terere Many consider Terere to be the father of modern Jiujitsu. Having taught legends of the sport - Cobrinha & Andre Galvão, in this set you'll see the core concepts of the modern passing system, most notably the backstep pass.

Get it on DVD Watch now 5. The Original Berimbolo by Samuel Braga The most famous sweep of "modern Jiujitsu" is the berimbolo and Samuel Braga breaks down all the important details and shows many different variations.

Get it on DVD Watch now 6. Berimbolo Killer by Queixinho It's only a matter of time before your come across someone who berimbolos better than you. That's why you need Queixinho to show all the best ways to shut down and counter your opponents sweep attempts.

Get it on DVD Watch now

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