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Five Grappling Super League update July 2nd 2015

3 Announcements this week for the Five Grappling Super League.

In the mens division we welcome Murilo Santana. Murilo joins Hector Lombard, James Puopulo, Yuri Simoes and Joao Assis. That leaves 2 more athletes to be announced in the next few days! 

In the women's gi division, we welcome Luisa Monteiro 


In addition to the two tournaments, there will be two superfigthts. The first superfight will feature Keenan Cornelius vs Otavio Sousa. A 2nd superfight has been announced the but the featured athletes are being kept a secret at the moment?  So far we know two things; It will be a rematch and it will be nogi! Any guesses?

Here's what the line ups look like so far

1 - Fabiana Borges
2 - Tammi Musumeci
3 - Nyjah Easton
4 - Karen Antunes
5 - Angelica Galvao
6 - Luisa Monteiro
7 - TBA
8 - TBA
8 of the top male No Gi Grapplers will also compete for $17,500 in prize money!
1 - Bruno Bastos
2 - Yuri Simoes
3 - Joao Assis
4 - James Puopolo
5 - Hector Lombard
6 - Murilo Santana
7 - TBA
8 - TBA

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