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TWIBJJ Episode 27 - Asa Fuller and Michael Liera Jr

Asa Fuller and Michael Liera Jr join Budo Jake and Budo Dane for episode 27 of This Week In BJJ. Asa Fuller is a black belt and owner of ACE Jiu Jitsu and Michael Liera Jr is the current Jiu Jitsu Battle Champion.

New Products include:

Dynamic Aikisambo Seminar with Kenji Nakazawa

Urban Camo Spats by Scramble

And now lets get to the first episode of the year

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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Richard Ullmann Jr

Asa Fuller makes our family proud of all his accomplishments!!! Just please don’t make him mad I really don’t think he knows his real strength. Asa good luck and tell the family hi…
Your cousin REU jr

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