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Jeff Glover vs Budo Jake!

I've known Jeff for quite a few years now and we've done a lot of work together. We did 5 episodes of his show "Glovers Travels", we made a few instructionals, and we even took him to the OC Fair for an episode of Rolled Up where we challenged each other with all kinds of random contests.

Last week I sat down and chatted with Jeff about his recent superfights and his new teaching job.

Check out that interview here!

Now the Jeff Glover TWIBJJ episode comes to an explosive finish with a super fun roll. Do you see any similarities in our rolling style? I try to incorporate some facets of Jeff's rolling including:

-Using only as much strength as necessary

-Transition often

-Keep the game flowing rather than stalling or smashing

Well enough talk, check out the roll here!

And if you haven't seen the Jeff Glover episode of Rolled Up, here ya go:

And finally, everyone needs more Jeff Glover techniques in their life.

Check these out!

Jeff Glover's Deep Half Guard DVD set

Jeff Glover's Darcepeida DVD Set

My Favorite Gi Techniques
by Jeff Glover (On Demand)

My Favorite Nogi Techniques
by Jeff Glover (On Demand)

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