Yushin Ryu Martial Arts Secrets DVD with Shunya Nagano

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There are many advanced techniques that have been kept secret in every martial arts, Japan and China. Martial arts researcher, Shunya Nagano, explains the secrets of those techniques that are difficult for ordinary people to understand. This work, the second in the series, not only elucidates the principle of secret art, but also introduces its concrete usage. Everyone can approach the mystery of martial arts.

About the instructor:

Shunya Nagano was born in Kumamoto, Japan in 1963. Taking advantage of the experience of being bullied in junior high school, he studied various self-defense techniques at home and abroad, including traditional martial arts, modern martial arts, and Chinese martial arts. While engaged in the planning and production of professional magazine writers and martial arts videos, he also conducted research on various dance and health-related methods. He has a reputation for his simple explanations of martial arts theory and practical skills in his writings, lectures and seminars. 

Language: Japanese
Length: 80 min.